Manager of the Belgian Timber Merchant Association

Manager of the Belgian Timber Merchant Association




Jean-Paul Daoût, General Manager,


Axel Daoût,

Export Manager,


As a family owned company, COFABOIS-LUXWOOD S.A. has always tried to focus on customer service and strong relations with its customers. Created in the 70’s, the company started to work with south European countries where we quickly understood that building a strong relationship with the customers is essential to understand its needs and to make the collaboration between the companies as efficient as possible. Travelling extensively throughout Europe and Asia for more than 20 years, we continue to focus our business on personal contact with all concered, using all modern communications at our disposal.

That we are situated within an area of countries with high labour costs, COFABOIS-LUXWOOD S.A. continue to try and reduce all non necessary costs, being aware that supplies of raw material must be obtained at the lowest price to ensure the best qualities, and as a result we have a wide range of solid partners with whom we have collaborated over the years. This way, the close co-operation allows us to be be flexible and accurate. All who participated with operation, from the people who fell the trees, to the haulage companies, and then the forwarding people , can always be copared favourably with our competitors.

All this enanbles our customer to receive accurately prepared material at competitive price in a confident framework.